Meaning of “rich” - Learner’s Dictionary


adjective us uk /rɪtʃ/
Extra Examples
There is a growing gulf between the rich and the poor.His parents were rich, whereas mine had to struggle.He was clever, attractive, and exceedingly rich.Owning racehorses is the preserve of the rich.She's trying to snare a rich husband.

A2 having much more money than most people, or owning things that could be sold for a lot of money:

She's the third richest woman in Britain.
These cars are only for the rich.

B2 containing a lot of something that is important or valuable:

rich soil
Both foods are rich in Vitamin C.

B2 Rich food has a lot of butter, cream, or eggs in it:

a rich sauce

A rich sound is low and strong, and a rich colour is bright and strong.

richness noun [ U ]

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