Meaning of “ring” - Learner’s Dictionary


noun [ C ] us uk /rɪŋ/
Extra Examples
The ring was valued at $1000.I couldn't wait to show off my new ring.I showed James the ring I liked and he bought it there and then.She sat there nervously twisting the ring around on her finger.The box contained a diamond ring.

A2 a round piece of jewellery that you wear on your finger:

a wedding ring
a gold ring

B2 something that is the shape of a circle:

The children sat in a ring around the teacher.

the sound a bell makes:

The ring of the doorbell woke him up.
a crime/drug/spy, etc ring

a group of people who are involved in an illegal activity together

a boxing/circus ring

an area with seats around it where boxers (= people fighting) or people in a circus (= show) perform

give sb a ring mainly UK

A2 to telephone someone:

If you want anything, just give me a ring.
→ See also key ring

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