Meaning of “rise” - Learner’s Dictionary


verb [ I ] us uk /raɪz/ past tense rose, past participle risen
Extra Examples
Temperatures rose as high as 40 degrees.The company's shares rose on Wall Street yesterday.Investors are expecting the company's share price to rise.Unemployment has risen for the third month in a row.Prices are likely to rise in the next few months.

B2 to increase in level:

Prices rose by 10 percent.

B1 to move up:

The balloon rose slowly into the air.

to stand, especially after sitting:

He rose from his seat.
rise to/through, etc

to become important, successful, or rich:

He quickly rose to stardom.

to become stronger or louder:

The wind is rising.
Her voice rose to a scream.

to be high above something:

The bridge rose almost 600 feet above the water.

B1 When the sun or moon rises, it appears in the sky:

The sun rises in the East.
rise to the occasion/challenge, etc

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