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verb us uk /rʌn/ present participle running, past tense ran, past participle run
Extra Examples
What is the furthest distance you can run?Matthew runs five miles every day.They ran barefoot along the wet beach.He ran down the street, blood gushing from a wound in his neck.We ran as fast as we could.

A1 to move on your feet at a faster speed than walking:

He can run very fast.
He ran away when I tried to pick him up.
[ + to do sth ] We had to run to catch up with him.
I run about three miles every morning.

B1 to organize or control something:

She ran her own restaurant for five years.
run sb/sth to/down, etc

to take someone or something somewhere, usually by car:

Could you run me to the station this afternoon?

If a piece of equipment is running, it is switched on and working, and if you run it, you switch it on and make it work:

The engine is running more smoothly now.

B2 If you run a computer program, you use it on your computer:

Did you run a virus check this morning?

B2 If trains or buses are running, they are available to travel on:

The buses only run until 11 p.m.

B2 If liquid runs somewhere, it flows:

Tears ran down her face.
Have you got a tissue? My nose is running (= liquid is coming out of it).

to publish something in a newspaper or magazine:

All the papers are running this story on the front page.
run a bath UK

to fill a bath with water so that it is ready to use

run sth along/over/through, etc sth

to move something along, over, or through something else:

She ran her fingers through her hair.
run through/down/along, etc

If something long and narrow runs somewhere, it is in that position:

There are wires running across the floor.
The road runs parallel to the railway line.

If a play, film, etc runs for a period of time, it continues that long:

The play ran for five months before moving to the West End.
run in sb's/the family

If a quality, ability, disease, etc runs in the family, many members of the family have it:

A love of animals runs in our family.

If a colour runs, it comes out of some material when it is washed.

be running at sth

to be at a particular level:

Inflation is now running at 5.8%.
→ See also cast/run your/an eye over sth , run the gauntlet , run riot , run out of steam , run wild

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