Meaning of “safe” - Learner’s Dictionary


adjective us uk /seɪf/

A2 not dangerous or likely to cause harm:

a safe driver
a safe and cheap source of energy
Air travel is generally quite safe.
We live in a safe neighbourhood.
[ + to do sth ] Is it safe to drink the water here?
→ Opposite unsafe

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B1 not harmed or damaged:

She said that all the hostages were safe.
She returned safe and sound (= not harmed in any way).

A1 not in danger or likely to be harmed:

I feel safe when I'm with you.
During the daylight hours we're safe from attack.
safe to say

If it is safe to say something, you are sure it is correct:

I think it's safe to say that he'll be the next president.
a safe place; somewhere safe

a place where something will not be lost or stolen:

It's very valuable so put it somewhere safe.
safely adverb


Make sure you drive safely.
I can safely say (= I am certain) I have never met anyone as rude as him.

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