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noun us uk /seɪl/
Extra Examples
His plan was to pocket the money from the sale of the business and leave the country.They've brought in new laws to restrict the sale of cigarettes.The company is involved in the sale and distribution of videos.The article questions the businessman's role in the sale of arms to the country.There is a glut of houses for sale in this area.
SELLING THINGS [ U, no plural ]

B2 the act of selling something, or the time when something is sold:

The sale of alcohol is now banned.
to make a sale
(up) for sale

A2 available to buy:

For sale: ladies' bicycle - good condition.
The house next to mine is up for sale.
on sale

A2 UK available to buy in a shop:

Her new book is now on sale.

available for a lower price than usual:

This album was on sale for half price.

an event where things are sold:

a sale of used books

A2 a time when a shop sells goods at a lower price than usual:

UK I bought this dress in the sale.
→ See also car boot sale , jumble sale

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