Meaning of “service” - Learner’s Dictionary


noun us uk /ˈsɜːvɪs/
Extra Examples
It would be difficult to match the service this airline gives to its customers.The service was really bad.The company has taken steps to improve its customer service.I would gladly pay extra for better service.The company failed to deliver the high quality service that we expect.
SHOP [ U ]

B1 help that you get in a place such as a shop, restaurant, or hotel:

The food was nice, but the service wasn't very good.

B1 a system that supplies something that people need:

electricity/water services
They provide a free bus service from the station.
WORK [ U ]

the time you spend working for an organization:

He retired last week after 25 years' service.

a religious ceremony:

They held a memorial service for the victims of the bombing.

a check on a car or machine in which it is examined for faults and repaired


the action of throwing a ball up into the air and hitting it towards the other player in sports such as tennis

→ See also the Civil Service , community service , lip-service , the National Health Service , national service , Secret Service

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