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noun us uk /ʃɒk/
Extra Examples
His sudden death was a great shock to us all.If he thinks looking after a baby is easy, he's in for a shock.Prepare yourself for a shock.It took her months to get over the shock of Richard leaving.It wasn't a great shock when he announced his retirement.

B1 a big, unpleasant surprise:

We got a nasty shock when he gave us the bill.
Her death came as a terrible shock to him.
They are still in shock (= feeling the effect of a shock) from the accident.

a medical condition when someone is extremely weak because of damage to their body:

He went into shock and nearly died.
ELECTRICITY [ C ] also electric shock

a sudden, painful feeling that you get when electricity flows through your body


a sudden movement caused by an explosion, accident, etc

→ See also culture shock

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