Meaning of “sight” - Learner’s Dictionary


noun us uk /saɪt/
Extra Examples
The disease caused him to lose his sight.The animal's sight is highly sensitive to motion.The brain damage caused problems with his sight and hearing.Sight is our most precious sense.The snake does not have a keen sense of sight.

B1 the ability to use your eyes to see:

Doctors managed to save his sight.
the sight of sb/sth

B2 the fact of seeing someone or something:

The sight of so much blood had shocked him.
informal I can't stand the sight of her (= I hate her).

B2 the area that it is possible for you to see:

Eventually he disappeared from sight.
I looked for her but she was nowhere in sight.
I was able to park within sight of the house.
Security guards were waiting out of sight (= where they could not be seen).
VIEW [ C ]

something that you see, especially something interesting:

the sights and sounds of the market
at first sight

B2 the first time you see or hear about something or someone:

It may, at first sight, seem a surprising choice.
the sights

B1 the beautiful or interesting places in a city or country, that a lot of people visit:

He took me around New York and showed me the sights.

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