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adjective us uk /ʃɔːr/

A2 [ never before noun ] certain:

[ + (that) ] I'm sure that he won't mind.
[ + question word ] She's not sure what she's going to do next.
I'm quite sure about the second answer.
→ Opposite unsure

More examples

make sure (that)

A2 to take action so that you are certain that something happens, is true, etc:

Make sure that you close all the windows before you leave.
be sure of sth

B2 to be confident that something is true:

He'll win, I'm sure of it.
for sure

B1 without any doubts:

I think he's from Korea but don't know for sure.
be sure of yourself

B2 to be confident of your own abilities, qualities, etc:

She's always been very sure of herself.
be sure to do sth

If you are sure to do something, it is certain that you will do it:

He's sure to go back there again.

used to tell someone what they must remember to do:

Be sure to tell her I called.
a sure sign of/that sth

something that makes something seem certain to be true

a sure thing

something that is certain to happen:

Death is the one sure thing about life.
sure also US sure thing

A2 used to show agreement:

"Can I borrow your pen please?" "Sure."
sure enough

B2 as expected:

He said the book was on his desk, and sure enough, there it was.

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