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noun us uk /tɜːm/
Extra Examples
It's a technical term used in medical circles.An honest politician - isn't that a contradiction in terms?There are a few technical terms here that I don't understand.What is the correct term for this piece of equipment?I'll have to look that term up in a dictionary.
WORD [ C ]

B2 a word or phrase that is used to refer to a particular thing, especially in a technical or scientific subject:

TIME [ C ]

the fixed period of time when someone does an important job or is in a particular place:

a prison term
The government has been elected for another four-year term.

A2 one of the periods of time that the school or university year is divided into:

We've got a test at the end of term.
in the long/short, etc term

B2 a long/short, etc period of time from now:

The situation should improve in the long term.
→ See also half-term

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