Meaning of “throw” - Learner’s Dictionary


verb [ T ] us uk /θrəʊ/ past tense threw, past participle thrown
Extra Examples
The trouble started after a group of drunken football fans started to throw bottles.She screwed the letter up and threw it in the bin.With a flick of her wrist, she threw the pebble into the water.She threw the stick for the dog to fetch.Protestors threw stones at the police.

A2 to make something move through the air by pushing it out of your hand:

Amy threw the ball to the dog.
He threw the book at the wall.
How far can you throw?
throw sth in/on, etc

to put something somewhere quickly and without thinking about it:

He threw his clothes on the floor and got into bed.
throw sth around/down/on, etc

to suddenly and quickly move your body or a part of your body:

She threw her arms around the child.
Gabriela threw herself onto the bed and started to cry.
throw sb from/forward, etc

to make someone move somewhere suddenly or fall down:

[ often passive ] The bus suddenly stopped and we were thrown forward.

to make someone feel shocked or confused:

It threw me completely when he asked me to marry him.

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