Meaning of “top” - Learner’s Dictionary


noun us uk /tɒp/
Extra Examples
From the top of the hill, we could see our house and the woods beyond.The view from the top was absolutely breathtaking.Please ensure that all examination papers have your name at the top.There's a steep slope to climb before we're at the top.The tops of the mountains were covered with snow.

A2 the highest part of something:

They were waiting for him at the top of the stairs.
I want a cake with cherries on top.

the flat, upper surface of something:

the table top
LID [ C ]

the lid or cover of a container, pen, etc:

Put the top back on the bottle.

B1 a piece of women's clothing worn on the upper part of the body

TOY [ C ]

a toy that turns round and round when you move its handle up and down

the top

the most important position in a company, team, etc:

At forty he was already at the top of his profession.
at the top of your voice UK US at the top of your lungs

shouting very loudly

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