Meaning of “trust” - Learner’s Dictionary


verb uk us /trʌst/

B1 [ T ] to believe that someone is good and honest and will not harm you:

My sister warned me not to trust him.
→ Opposite distrust , mistrust
trust sb to do sth

to be sure that someone will do the right thing or what they should do:

I trust them to make the right decision.
trust sb with sb/sth

to allow someone to look after someone or something because you believe they will be careful:

I wouldn't trust him with my car.
Trust sb (to do sth)! mainly UK informal

used to say that it is typical of someone to do something stupid:

Trust Chris to leave the tickets at home!
I trust (that) formal

used to say that you hope something is true:

I trust that you had an enjoyable stay.

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