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verb [ T ] us uk /juːz/ past tense and past participle used
Extra Examples
Staff are instructed not to use the telephones for personal calls.The school had a swimming pool of a kind, but it was too small for most classes to use.We could all use the one car but I'm not sure about the logistics of it.She showed me how to use the new computer system.Margarine can be used as a substitute for butter.

A1 If you use something, you do something with it for a particular purpose:

Can I use your pen?
I paid for the tickets using my credit card.
She uses her car for work.
[ + to do sth ] Nick used the money to buy a new computer.

B1 to take an amount from a supply of something:

A shower uses less water than a bath.

to treat someone badly in order to get what you want:

He was just using me to make his girlfriend jealous.

to say or write a particular word or phrase:

'Autumn' is used in British English and 'fall' in American English.
could use sth mainly US informal

something that you say when you want or need something:

I could use some help with these packages, please.

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