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verb us uk /weər/ past tense wore, past participle worn
Extra Examples
You might get dirty so wear some old clothes.What sort of shoes does she wear?In many countries it is the convention to wear black at funerals.She bought it specifically to wear at the wedding.I shouldn't have worn my best suit.

A1 to have a piece of clothing, jewellery, etc on your body:

I wear jeans a lot of the time.
She wears glasses.
I don't usually wear make-up for work.
FACE [ T ]

to show a particular emotion on your face:

He was wearing a smile/frown.
HAIR [ T ]

to arrange or grow your hair in a particular way:

She usually wears her hair in a ponytail.
SPOIL [ I, T ]

to become thin and damaged after being used a lot, or to make this happen:

The carpet is already starting to wear in places.
He keeps wearing holes in his socks.
→ See also wear thin

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