Meaning of “well” - Learner’s Dictionary


adverb us uk /wel/ better, best

A1 in a successful or satisfactory way:

I thought they played well.
He's doing well at school/work.

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A2 in a complete way or as much as possible:

I know him quite well.
Stir the mixture well.
as well

A1 also:

Are you going to invite Steve as well?
as well as sth

A1 in addition to something:

They have lived in the United States as well as Britain.
may/might as well do sth

B2 If you may/might as well do something, it will not spoil the situation if you do that thing:

If we're not waiting for Karen, we might as well go now.
may/might/could well

B2 used to say that something is likely to be true:

He could well be at Michelle's house.
well above/ahead/below, etc

B2 above/ahead/below, etc by a large amount:

It was well after seven o'clock when we got home.
can't/couldn't very well do sth

used to say that something is not a suitable or practical thing to do:

I couldn't very well tell her while he was there.
Well done!

A1 used to tell someone how pleased you are about their success:

"I passed my exams." "Well done!"

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