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adjective us uk /waɪld/
Extra Examples
The river is fringed with wild flowers.Most wild otters have disappeared from populated areas, to say nothing of wilderness areas.I'll have the pasta with wild mushrooms.The study examines the medicinal properties of wild plants.The plains provide grazing land for a wide variety of wild animals.

A2 A wild animal or plant lives or grows in its natural environment and not where people live:

a wild dog
wild flowers

B2 Wild land is in a completely natural state:

a wild garden

B2 very energetic and not controlled:

a wild party
wild dancing

with a lot of wind, rain, etc:

a wild and stormy night
a wild accusation/guess/rumour, etc

something that you say which is not based on facts and is probably wrong

be wild about sth informal

to be very enthusiastic about something:

He's wild about jazz.
wildness noun [ U ]

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