Meaning of “wrong” - Learner’s Dictionary


adjective us uk /rɒŋ/
Extra Examples
I deleted the wrong file by accident.I think we got on the wrong bus.When they realized they had taken the wrong road they had to double back.I had inadvertently picked up the wrong keys.The pages were in the wrong order.

A1 not correct:

the wrong answer
We're going the wrong way.
be wrong

A2 to think or say something that is not correct:

You were wrong about the party - it's today, not tomorrow.
get sth wrong

B1 to produce an answer or result that is not correct:

I got most of the answers wrong.
PROBLEM [ never before noun ]

B1 If something is wrong, there is a problem:

There's something wrong with my computer.
What's wrong?
NOT MORAL [ never before noun ]

B2 morally bad:

[ + to do sth ] It's wrong to tell lies.

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