Translation of "above" - English-Turkish dictionary


adverb, preposition uk /əˈbʌv/ us

A1 in or to a higher position than something else

yukarıya, yukarıda, üste doğru
There's a mirror above the washbasin.
I could hear music coming from the room above.

A2 more than an amount or level

üstünde, fazlasıyla, ziyadesiyle
It says on the box it's for children aged three and above.
Rates of pay are above average.

in a more important or advanced position than someone else

üstünde, idarece yukarıda olan, amir konumunda
Sally's a grade above me.

too good or important for something

bir şey için çok önemli ve iyi olan, fevkinde olan
No one is above suspicion in this matter.
above all

B1 most importantly

en önemlisi
Above all, I'd like to thank everyone.

(Translation of “above adverb, preposition” from the Cambridge Learner’s Dictionary English-Turkish © Cambridge University Press)