Translation of "academic" - English-Turkish dictionary


adjective uk /ˌækəˈdemɪk/ us

B2 related to education, schools, universities, etc

eğitime ilişkin, akademik
academic ability/standards
It's the start of the academic year.

related to subjects that involve thinking and studying and not technical or practical skills

teknik ve pratik becerilerden çok düşünce ve çalışmayı içeren konulara ilişkin
academic subjects

clever and good at studying

zeki ve eğitimde iyi, eğitime düşkün

If what someone says is academic, it has no purpose because it relates to a situation that does not exist.

soyut, kuramsal, pratiğe dayanmayan
The whole discussion is academic since management won't even listen to us.
academically adverb

akademik açıdan

(Translation of “academic adjective” from the Cambridge Learner’s Dictionary English-Turkish © Cambridge University Press)