Translation of "check" - English-Turkish dictionary


noun uk us /tʃek/

B1 an examination of something in order to make sure that it is correct or the way it should be

kontrol, yoklama
We do safety checks on all our equipment.
BANK [ C ]

US spelling of cheque (= a piece of paper printed by a bank that you use to pay for things)

RESTAURANT [ C ] US ( UK bill)

a list that you are given in a restaurant showing how much your meal costs

hesap, fiş, hesap pusulası
MARK [ C ] US ( UK tick)

a mark (✓) that shows that an answer is correct, or that you have dealt with something on a list

(✓) işareti

a pattern of squares of different colours

ekose; küçük, farklı renkte karelerden oluşan
hold/keep sth in check

to control something that could increase too quickly or become too large or powerful

durdurmak, önüne geçmek, engel olmak
We need to keep our spending in check.
→ See also rain check

(Translation of “check noun” from the Cambridge Learner’s Dictionary English-Turkish © Cambridge University Press)