Translation of "come out" - English-Turkish dictionary

come out

phrasal verb with come uk us /kʌm/ verb (past tense came, past participle come)

B1 If a book, record, film, etc comes out, it becomes available for people to buy or see.

çıkmak, yayınlanmak, piyasaya çıkmak, basılmak
When does their new album come out?

B1 If the sun, the moon, or a star comes out, it appears in the sky.

(güneş, ay, yıldız) ortaya çıkmak, doğmak, gözükmek

to become known

ortaya çıkmak, anlaşılmak, öğrenilmek, bilinmek
The truth about him will come out in the end.

to go somewhere with someone for a social event

biriyle katılmak/gitmek, biriyle bir davete gitmek, ilk defa bir toplantıya katılmak
Would you like to come out for a drink?

If you describe how something comes out at the end of a process or activity, you say what it is like.

olmak, bir şeye benzemek, sonuç vermek
How did your chocolate cake come out?

If results or information come out, they are given to people.

duyurulmak, açıklanmak, bilgi verilmek, ilan edilmek
The exam results come out in August.

If dirt or a mark comes out of something, it disappears when you clean it.

(leke) çıkmak, yok olmak
Will this red wine stain come out?

If a photograph comes out, the picture can be seen clearly.

basılmak, resim oluşmak, resimlerin net ve iyi basılması
The photos didn't come out very well.

If something that you say comes out in a particular way, you say it in that way.

(istenmeden) çıkmak, söylenmek, ifade edilmek
I wanted to tell her that I loved her, but it came out all wrong.

to tell people that you are homosexual (= sexually attracted to people of the same sex)

(hemcinsine ilgi duyduğunu) açık açık söylemek, açıklamak, ne olduğunu bildirmek
come out against/in favour of sth

to say publicly that you oppose or support something

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