Translation of "direct" - English-Turkish dictionary


verb uk /dɪˈrekt, daɪˈrekt/ us

B1 to tell the actors in a film or play what to do

film/oyun yönetmek
a film directed by Alfred Hitchcock
direct sth against/at/towards, etc sb/sth

to aim something at someone or something

birşeyi birine/birşeye yöneltmek
The demonstrators' anger was directed at the police.

B1 to show or tell someone how to get to a place

yönlendirmek, yön tarif etmek
Can you direct me to the manager's office please?

to organize and control the way something is done

yönetmek, idare etmek
He directed the building of the new art gallery.
direct sb to do sth formal

to officially order someone to do something

birine birşeyi yapmasını resmen emretmek, söylemek, bildirmek
They directed us not to discuss the matter.

(Translation of “direct verb” from the Cambridge Learner’s Dictionary English-Turkish © Cambridge University Press)