Translation of "fit" - English-Turkish dictionary


verb uk /fɪt/ us present participle fitting, past tense and past participle fitted

B1 to be the right shape or size for someone or something

uymak, tam ölçüsünde olmak
This skirt doesn't fit any more.
I can't find a lid to fit this jar.
fit (sth) in/through/under, etc

B1 If people or things fit somewhere, or if you can fit them somewhere, that place is big enough for them.

sıkıştırmak, yerleştirmek, uydurmak
How many people can you fit in your car?
This radio is small enough to fit into my pocket.
PUT [ T ] mainly UK

B2 to put or fix something somewhere

uydurmak, koymak, yerleştirmek
You ought to fit a smoke alarm in the kitchen.
SAME [ I, T ]

to be the same as or like something

uygun olmak, uymak, aynı olmak
She seems to fit the police description.

to be suitable for something

bir şey için uygun/uyumlu olmak
The punishment should fit the crime.

(Translation of “fit verb” from the Cambridge Learner’s Dictionary English-Turkish © Cambridge University Press)