Translation of "force" - English-Turkish dictionary


noun uk us /fɔːs/

B2 physical power or strength

güç, zorlama
The force of the explosion shattered every window in the street.
The army has seized power by force.

B2 a group of people organized to work together for a particular purpose, for example in military service

kuvvet, belli bir amaç için oluşturulmuş güç
the Royal Air Force
a skilled work force

power and influence, or a person or thing that has it

güç, etki, kuvvet
the forces of good/evil
in/into force

If a law, rule, etc is in force, it is being used, and if it comes into force, it starts to be used.

yürürlükte, kullanımda, etkin durumda
The new law came into force in April.
be out in force

to be somewhere in large numbers

bir yerde çok sayıda olmak, kalabalık olmak
Photographers were out in force at the palace today.
→ See also air force , the armed forces , market forces , police force , task force , a force to be reckoned with , join forces

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