Translation of "from" - English-Turkish dictionary


preposition uk strong /frɒm/ us weak /frəm/ us

A1 used to show the place, time, or level that someone or something started at

... den/dan
Did you walk all the way from Bond Street?
The museum is open from 9.30 to 6.00, Tuesday to Sunday.
Prices start from $5,595.

A1 used to say where someone was born, or where someone lives or works

(bir yerden) oralı, ...den/dan olan/gelen
His mother's originally from Poland.
Our speaker tonight is from the BBC.

A1 used to say how far away something is

... den/dan ötede
The hotel is about 15 kilometres from the coast.

A1 used to say who gave or sent something to someone

...den/dan gelme/gelen
Have you received a Christmas card from Faye yet?

If you take something from a person, place, or amount, you take it away.

...den/dan öteye/uzağa
Two from ten leaves eight.
We had to borrow some money from my father to pay the bill.

A1 used to say where something was produced or grown

bir şeyin geldiği/üretildiği yeri göstermede kullanılır
These vegetables are fresh from the garden.

A2 used to say what something is made of

bir şeyin neden mamül olduğunu/üretildiğini belirtmede kullanılır
juice made from oranges

B2 used to show something that you want to avoid or prevent

bir şeyden uzak durmada/önlem almayı belirtmede kullanılır
There's a bar across the front to prevent you from falling out.

B2 used to show where you are when you look at something or how you see something

...den/dan bakıldığında/görüldüğünde anlamında
The view from the top was absolutely breathtaking.

used to say why you think or believe something

bir şeye inanmada/neden öyle düşünüldüğünü belirmede kullanılır
I guessed from her accent that she must be French.
From what I've heard, the new exam is going to be a lot more difficult.

B2 used to say what causes something

bir şeyin neden kaynaklandığını belirtmede kullanılır
Deaths from heart disease continue to rise every year.

B1 used when you are saying how similar or different two things, people, or places are

kıyaslama/ayrım/benzerlik belirtmede
College is very different from school.
a week/six months/ten years, etc from now

a week/six months/ten years, etc after the time when you are speaking

içinde bulunulan andan bir hafta/altı ay/on yıl sonra vb. belirtmede
Who knows what we'll all be doing five years from now?
from now/then, etc on

starting now/then, etc and continuing into the future

şu andan/o andan itibaren
They were good friends from that day on.

(Translation of “from” from the Cambridge Learner’s Dictionary English-Turkish © Cambridge University Press)