Translation of "just" - English-Turkish dictionary


adverb uk strong /dʒʌst/ us weak /dʒəst/ us

B1 only

yalnız, sadece
I'll just have a small piece.
He just wants to win.
The film is not just about love.

A2 a very short time ago

az evvel, henüz, biraz önce, demin
I've just been on a trip to France.
We've only just begun.

B1 used to emphasize something you say

gerçekten, doğrusu, hakikaten, tam anlamıyla
I just can't bear it!

B1 almost not

hemen hemen hiç
This dress only just fits.

B1 exactly

tam olarak,
Tim looks just like his father.
This carpet would be just right for my bedroom.

A2 now or very soon

şimdi, hemen, az sonra, neredeyse
I'm just coming!
just before/over/under, etc

B1 a little before/over/under, etc something else

sadece, yalnızca
It costs just over $10.
She left just before Michael.
just about

B1 almost

hemen hemen, neredeyse,
I think I've remembered just about everything.
be just about to do sth

B1 to be going to do something very soon

bir şey yapmak üzere olmak; bir şeyi yapmaya ramak kalmak
I was just about to phone you.
just as bad/good/tall, etc (as sb/sth)

B1 equally bad/good/tall, etc

eşit oranda, eşit olarak; ...a/e kadar
He's just as talented as his brother.
I/you/we, etc will just have to do sth

used to say that there is nothing else someone can do

sadece, yalnızca, başka
You'll just have to wait.
just as

B2 at the same time as

tam o sırada, tam o anda
She woke up just as we got there.
it's just as well

used to say that it is lucky that something happened

ne iyi ki, ne iyi etmişiz de, iyi ki
It's just as well we brought an umbrella.
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