Translation of "lead" - English-Turkish dictionary


verb uk /liːd/ us past tense and past participle led /led/

B1 to show someone where to go, usually by taking them to a place or by going in front of them

öncülük etmek, götürmek, kılavuzluk etmek
She led them down the hall.
We followed a path that led us up the mountain.
You lead and we'll follow.
I'll lead the way (= go first to show the route).
lead into/to/towards, etc

B2 If a path or road leads somewhere, it goes there.

(yol, patika) gitmek, doğru gitmek, götürmek, ulaşmak, uzanmak
That path leads to the beach.

B2 to be winning a game

önde olmak, kazanıyor olmak, lider durumda olmak
They were leading by 11 points at half-time.
The Lions lead the Hawks 28-9.

to be better than anyone else

herkesten daha iyi olmak, lider olmak
I still believe that we lead the world in acting talent.

to be in control of a group, country, or situation

yönetmek, kontrol etmek, hâkim/öncü olmak
to lead a discussion
Is this man really capable of leading the country?
Casillas led his team to victory.
lead sb to do sth

to make someone do or think something

yol açmak, neden olmak
What led you to think that?
I was led to believe that breakfast was included.
lead a busy/normal/quiet, etc life

B2 to live in a particular way

belli düzende bir yaşam sürdürmek
He was able to lead a normal life despite his illness.
lead sb to a conclusion

to make you think that something is probably true

bir sonuca götürmek; sonuca varmasına sebep olmak
So you thought I was leaving, did you? What led you to that conclusion?

(Translation of “lead verb” from the Cambridge Learner’s Dictionary English-Turkish © Cambridge University Press)