Translation of "line" - English-Turkish dictionary


noun uk /laɪn/ us
MARK [ C ]

A2 a long, thin mark

çizgi, hat
Sign your name on the dotted line.
Draw a line around your hand.
ROW [ C ]

a row of people or things

kuyruk, sıra, dizi
a line of trees
We formed two lines, men on one side and women on the other.

a piece of rope or wire with a particular purpose

ip, sicim, kordon, tel, olta, hat

B2 the connection between two telephones

telefon hatları
I've got Neil on the line for you (= waiting to speak to you).
I'll be with you in a moment - could you hold the line (= wait), please?
WAITING [ C, U ] US UK queue

a row of people waiting for something, one behind the other

kuyruk, sıra
We were standing in line for hours to get tickets.

B1 a row of words on a page, for example in a song or poem

satır, dizi, mısra
The same line is repeated throughout the poem.

the words spoken by an actor in a performance

oyuncunun söylediği sözler, replik, rol
I don't know how actors remember all their lines.

the official opinion of an organization

resmî fikir/düşünce/anlayış/tavır
[ usually singular ] the government's line on immigration
along the lines of sth

based on and similar to something

gibi, şeklinde; ...lerden
He gave a talk along the lines of the one he gave in Oxford.
sb's line of reasoning/thinking, etc

your reasons for believing that something is true or right

birinin akıl yürütme/düşünme vs. biçimi/sınırı/şekli

a type of product that a company sells

ürün çizgisi/serisi/yelpazesi/türü
They're advertising a new line in garden furniture.

the direction that something moves in

hat, yol, güzergâh
He can't kick the ball in a straight line.

the marks that older people have on their faces, when the skin is loose

yüzdeki çizgiler/kırışıklıklar

a border between two areas

sınır, çizgi, hat
the New York state line
be on the line

If someone's job is on the line, they may lose it.

tehlikede/kaybetmek üzere olmak
be in line for sth

to be likely to get something good, especially a job

...için sırada olmak; ...almaya hak kazanmış ve almak üzere olmak
be in line with sth

to be similar to and suitable for something

bir sırada/aynı hizada olmak; uyum halinde/uygun olmak
a pay increase in line with inflation

(Translation of “line noun” from the Cambridge Learner’s Dictionary English-Turkish © Cambridge University Press)