Translation of "make" - English-Turkish dictionary


verb [ T ] uk /meɪk/ us past tense and past participle made

A1 to produce or create something

yapmak, üretmek
Shall I make some coffee?
They've made a film about her life.
make a promise/remark/mistake, etc

to promise something, to say something, to do something wrong, etc

söz vermek/vaad etmek; söylemek/belirtmek; hata yapmak
We have to make a decision today.
You're making a big mistake.
She made some useful suggestions.
make sb do sth

B1 to force someone to do something

bir şeyi yaptırmak
You can't make me go.
make sb/sth happy/sad/difficult, etc

B1 to cause someone or something to become happy, sad, difficult, etc

birini/bir şeyi vs. mutlu etmek/üzmek/güçleştirmek
You've made me very happy.
This is the song that made her a star.

B1 to be able to go to an event

varmak, ulaşmak, gitmek
I'm afraid I can't make the meeting this afternoon.

B2 If you make an amount of money, you earn it.

para kazanmak
He makes $80,000 a year.

If two or more numbers make a particular amount, that is the amount when they are added together.

(rakamları toplama) olmak, oluşturmak, yekün yapmak/tutmak
That makes $40 altogether.

to have the right qualities to become a father or mother or to do a particular job

(özellik olarak baba, anne) olmak
Andy would make a good teacher.
GIVE A JOB [ + two objects ]

to give someone a particular job

(birini/birine) görev vermek, atamak, görevlendirmek, yapmak
They made her a director of the company.
make an appointment

to arrange to do something at a particular time

randevu almak
I've made an appointment with the doctor.
make the bed

to make the sheets and covers on a bed tidy

yatağı yapmak
make time

to leave enough time to do something although you are busy

zaman ayırmak
[ + to do sth ] You must make time to do your homework.
make do (with)

to accept that something is less good than you would like

yetinmek, idare etmek
If we can't get a bigger room we'll have to make do with this.
make it

to manage to arrive at a place

varmak, ulaşabilmek, yetişmek
Will we make it in time for the film?

to be successful

başarmak, üstesinden gelmek, halletmek
Very few actors actually make it.

(Translation of “make verb” from the Cambridge Learner’s Dictionary English-Turkish © Cambridge University Press)