Translation of "order" - English-Turkish dictionary


noun uk /ˈɔːdər/ us

B1 the arrangement of a group of people or things in a list from first to last

sıra, düzen
in alphabetical order
in the right/wrong order
We ranked the tasks in order of importance.

B2 an instruction that someone must obey

talimat, emir, direktif
to obey orders
to give orders
under orders

If you are under orders, someone has told you to do something.

emir altında, emir almış, emredilmiş
[ + to do sth ] Team members are under orders to behave well.
They claimed they were under orders from the president.

A2 a request for food or goods in return for payment

sipariş, ısmarlama
Can I take your order now?

B2 a situation in which everything is in its correct place

tertip, düzen, biçim
It's nice to see some order around here for a change.
I want to put all my things in order before I go away.
→ Opposite disorder
out of order

B1 If a machine or system is out of order, it is not working as it should.

bozuk, çalışmaz, işlemiyor, çalışmıyor
The coffee machine's out of order.

If someone's behaviour is out of order, it is not acceptable.

yakışıksız, yersiz, usule aykırı, usulsüz
What he did was completely out of order.
in order to do/for sth to do sth

B1 with the purpose of achieving something

...mak/mek için
She worked all summer in order to save enough money for a holiday.

a situation in which people obey laws and there is no trouble

düzen, intizam, asayiş, dirlik
The army was brought in to restore order to the troubled province.
→ Opposite disorder
economic/political/social order

the way that the economy, politics, or society is organized

ekonomik/siyasi/sosyal düzen/nizam
a threat to the established social order

a religious group who live together and have the same rules

tarikat, mezhep
an order of nuns
a monastic order
→ See also mail order , postal order , standing order

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