Translation of "part" - English-Turkish dictionary


verb uk /pɑːt/ us

If two sides of something part, they become separated, and if you part them, you make them separate.

ayrılmak, uzaklaşmak; ayırmak, uzaklaştırmak
Slowly her lips parted and she smiled.
LEAVE [ I, T ] formal

If two people part, or if one person parts from another, they leave each other.

ayrılmak, terketmek; ilişkilerini kesmek
That summer, after six years of marriage, we parted.
Even after we parted company, we remained in contact.
HAIR [ T ]

to brush your hair in two directions so that there is a straight line showing on your head

saçlarına bir taraftan ayırmak
In my school days, I had long hair parted in the middle.

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