Translation of "pursue" - English-Turkish dictionary


verb [ T ] uk /pəˈsjuː/ us /pərˈsuː/ present participle pursuing, past tense and past participle pursued

If you pursue a plan, activity, or situation, you try to do it or achieve it, usually over a long period of time.

elde etmeye çalışmak, kovalamak
She decided to pursue a career in television.

to follow someone or something, usually to try to catch them

kovalamak, peşinden koşmak, takip etmek
The car was pursued by helicopters.
pursue a matter

to try to discover information about something

incelemek, araştırmak, bilgi toplamaya çalışmak
We will not be pursuing this matter any further.

(Translation of “pursue” from the Cambridge Learner’s Dictionary English-Turkish © Cambridge University Press)