Translation of "ready" - English-Turkish dictionary


adjective uk /ˈredi/ us
PREPARED [ never before noun ]

A1 prepared for doing something

Give me a call when you're ready.
[ + to do sth ] Are you ready to go yet?
We're going at eight, so you've got an hour to get ready.
The army was ready for action.
AVAILABLE [ never before noun ]

A2 prepared and available to be eaten, drunk, used, etc

yenilmeye/kullanıma/içilmeye hazır
Is dinner ready?
When will the book be ready for publication?
be ready to do sth

to be willing to do something

yapmaya hazır/istekli olmak
We are ready to die for our country.
→ See also rough and ready

(Translation of “ready” from the Cambridge Learner’s Dictionary English-Turkish © Cambridge University Press)