Translation of "skip" - English-Turkish dictionary


verb uk /skɪp/ us present participle skipping, past tense and past participle skipped

to move forward, jumping quickly from one foot to the other

sekmek, seke seke gitmek
She watched her daughter skipping down the street.
JUMP [ I ] US skip rope, us

to jump over a rope while you or two other people move it over and then under your body again and again

ip atlamak
I skip for ten minutes every day to keep fit.
NOT DO [ T ]

B2 to not do something that you usually do or that you should do

atlamak, es geçmek, boş vermek
I think I'll skip lunch today - I'm not very hungry.
AVOID [ T ] also skip over

to avoid reading or talking about something by starting to read or talk about the next thing instead

atlamak, başka bir konuya geçmek, atlatmak
I usually skip the boring bits.

(Translation of “skip verb” from the Cambridge Learner’s Dictionary English-Turkish © Cambridge University Press)