Translation of "suck" - English-Turkish dictionary


verb uk /sʌk/ us

[ I, T ] to have something in your mouth and use your tongue, lips, etc to pull on it or to get liquid, air, etc out of it

to suck a sweet/lollipop
to suck your thumb
suck sth in/under/up, etc

to pull something somewhere using the force of moving air, water, etc

emerek içine çekmek
He was sucked under the boat and drowned.
be sucked into sth

to become involved in something bad when you do not want to

bulaşmak, müdahil olmak, karışmak, çekilmek
he/it/this, etc sucks! US very informal

If someone or something sucks, they are bad or unpleasant.

Berbat/kötü/iğrenç biri/birşey!'

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