Translation of "support" - English-Turkish dictionary


verb [ T ] uk /səˈpɔːt/ us

B2 to agree with an idea, group, or person

desteklemek, destek vermek
Do you support their views on nuclear weapons?

to help to show that something is true

doğrulamak, teyit etmek
There's no evidence to support his story.

B2 to hold the weight of someone or something

desteklemek, tutmak, çekmek, taşımak
Is this ladder strong enough to support me?

B1 to look after someone by paying for their food, clothes, etc

yardım etmek, desteklemek, bakmak, bakımını üstlenmek
She has three children to support.
SPORT mainly UK

B1 to like a particular sports team and want them to win

takım desteklemek, taraftar olmak
Who do you support?

(Translation of “support verb” from the Cambridge Learner’s Dictionary English-Turkish © Cambridge University Press)