Translation of "trick" - English-Turkish dictionary


noun [ C ] uk /trɪk/ us

B1 something you do to deceive or cheat someone, or to make someone look stupid as a joke

aldatmaca, hile, oyun, kandırma, el çabukluğu
a trick question
I wasn't really ill - it was just a trick.
My little brother liked to play tricks on me (= do things to deceive me as a joke).

B2 an effective way of doing something

ustalık, marifet, numara
What's the trick to pulling out this sofa bed?

B1 something that is done to entertain people and that seems to be magic

oyun, numara, el çabukluğu, muziplik, hile
a card trick

(Translation of “trick noun” from the Cambridge Learner’s Dictionary English-Turkish © Cambridge University Press)