Translation of "way" - English-Turkish dictionary


noun uk /weɪ/ us

A2 how you do something

yol, usül, yöntem
[ + to do sth ] I must find a way to help him.
[ + (that) ] It was the way that she told me that I didn't like.

A2 the route you take to get from one place to another

[ usually singular ] Is there another way out of here?
I must buy a paper on the way home.
Can you find your way back to my house?
I took the wrong road and lost my way (= got lost).
make your way to/through/towards, etc

B2 to move somewhere, often with difficulty

güçlükle yolunu açarak ilerlemek
We made our way through the shop to the main entrance.
be on her/my/its, etc way

to be arriving soon

yolda olmak, geliyor olmak
Apparently she's on her way.
in/out of the/sb's way

B2 in/not in the area in front of someone that they need to pass or see through

önünde/yolunda ol(ma)mak
I couldn't see because Bill was in the way.
Sorry, am I in your way?
Could you move out of the way, please?
a third of the way/most of the way, etc

used to say how much of something is completed

üçte birinde/çoğunda vb.
A third of the way through the film she dies.
get in the way of sth/sb

to prevent someone from doing or continuing with something

önüne geçmek, engellemek, mani olmak
Don't let your new friends get in the way of your studies.
be under way

to be already happening

devam etmekte/ilerlemekte olmak
Building work is already under way.
give way (to sb/sth)

to allow someone to get what they want, or to allow something to happen after trying to prevent it

teslim olmak, boyun eğmek, razı olmak
The boss finally gave way when they threatened to stop work.

UK US yield to allow other vehicles to go past before you move onto a road

yol vermek
give way to sth

to change into something else

dönüşmek; ...a/e dönmek; değişmek; şekline dönmek
Her excitement quickly gave way to horror.
give way

If something gives way, it falls because it is not strong enough to support the weight on top of it.

kırılmak, kopmak, çökmek, bel vermek
Suddenly the ground gave way under me.
get sth out of the way

to finish something

bitirmek, tamamlamak, sona erdirmek
I'll go shopping when I've got this essay out of the way.

B1 a direction something faces or travels

yön, yol, taraf
This bus is going the wrong way.
Which way up does this picture go (= which side should be at the top)?
UK He always wears his baseball cap the wrong way round (= backwards).
SPACE/TIME [ no plural ]

B1 an amount of space or time

(zaman, mesafe) uzaklık
We're a long way from home.
The exams are still a long way away/off.
make way

to move away so that someone or something can pass

yol vermek, yol açmak
make way for sth

If you move or get rid of something to make way for something new, you do so in order to make a space for the new thing.

yerine yeni bir şey yapmak için yer açmak/değişiklik yapmak
They knocked down the old houses to make way for a new hotel.
in a way/in many ways

B2 used to say that you think something is partly true

bir bakıma, bir anlamda; bir çok bakımdan
In a way his behaviour is understandable.
in no way

not at all

hiç yolu yok, olmaz, hiçte
This is in no way your fault.
there's no way informal

B1 If there is no way that something will happen, it is certainly not allowed or not possible.

ne yaparsan yap; ne olursa olsun; mutlaka
There's no way that dog's coming in the house.
No way! informal

B1 certainly not

Kesinlikle hayır!', 'Hiç yolu yok!'
"Would you invite him to a party?" "No way!"
get/have your (own) way

to get what you want, although it might upset other people

başkalarını üzse de istediğini elde etmek
She always gets her own way in the end.
in a big/small way informal

used to describe how much or little you do a particular thing

büyük/küçük/ufak çapta/ölçekte
They celebrate birthdays in a big way.
a/sb's way of life

B1 the way someone lives

yaşam tarzı; hayat biçimi
Violence has become a way of life there.

(Translation of “way noun” from the Cambridge Learner’s Dictionary English-Turkish © Cambridge University Press)