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verb uk /wɪn/ us present participle winning, past tense and past participle won

A2 to get the most points in a competition or game, or the most votes in an election

kazanmak, yenmek, galip gelmek
Barcelona won the game 6-0.
Who do you think will win the election?

B2 to be successful in a war, fight, or argument

savaşı/kavgayı/tartışmayı kazanmak/başarılı olmak
Protesters have won their battle to stop the road being built.

A2 to get a prize in a game or competition

ödül kazanmak
He won $500.
She won a gold medal at the Olympics.
win approval/respect/support, etc

to get approval/respect/support, etc because of your skill and hard work

onay/saygı/destek kazanmak
Her plans have won the support of many local people.
sb can't win informal

used to say that nothing someone does in a situation will succeed or please people

dört dörtlük olmaz, herkesi memnun etmek zor
Whatever I do seems to annoy her - I just can't win.

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